Why we get out of bed in the morning

We’re recapturing the magic of traditional play.

We’re making childhood great again: providing your kids with fun, exciting and adventurous toys that help them enjoy life outdoors.

High as a Kite aims to bring out the kid in everyone to create everlasting memories that you can cherish with your family. We want to recapture the joy of childhood and the sense of freedom when we play outside. We believe happiness comes from the natural world, but also from a lifestyle full of nature and family. We invite you to share in our dream of a world filled with fun and nature.


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Who we are

We are Sarah, Simon, Robert and Amy, a close family unit with seven daughters between us. High As A Kite is a venture fuelled by our children and a shared passion for adventure, craftmanship and the great outdoors.

We love having relationships with each of our retailers as we support local businesses. You won’t find our kites in chain stores, Amazon or eBay.



High as a Kite about us


If you’re looking for cheap and cheerful, head elsewhere! We focus on quality and sustainability – we want these kites to last for generations.

Our products are sourced from Weifang, China, a place that has been making kites for hundreds of years and where the best kite artisans in the world are. We’re proud of that and you can read more about that here.  

All of our products are made from the highest quality material.  The lines are strong and the handles won’t break. They are hemmed and edged and where there is a raw edge due to the design, it is cut with a hot knife.

We design many of the kites, making them exclusive to us, so you won’t buy these anywhere else. We think our kite range is by far the most exciting in Australia.