How to fly your kite

Our kites are very easy to fly.  In every kite you will find written instructions about how to fly your kites. FOR ALL KITES: do not fly near other people, roads, railways, power lines or within 5 kilometres of airports.  Flying kites in Australia is limited to 100m

Single Line kites

Most of our kites are single line kites.  They are very easy to fly.  Check each kite for its specific instructions regarding assembly.

Wind speed

Please note that this kite should be flown in light to medium winds only.  Serious damage could be sustained to the kite if it is flown in winds which are too strong.

Launching your kite

Start with your back to the wind and let out about 20-30m of line and get someone to hold the kite into the wind.  As the winds blows, gently push the kite up into the air and pull on the line.  The kite will rise up into the air.

Controlling your kite

Too much wind will cause the kite to dive about uncontrollably.  Bring it back into control by letting line out or walking towards the kite.  Not enough wind will cause the kite to sink to the ground, try walking backwards so the kite climbs more to get into an area where the wind is higher.

Stunt Kites

Stunt kites are dual line kites which take some getting used to and practice in flying.  These instructional videos are very good for helping you to understand all of the parts of your kite and how to get your kite to take off, fly well and land without damage.

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